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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) (JI Hotel Dongzhimen Beijing), отель расположен на востоке, рядом с главной магистральной линией Восточного кольца и высокоскоростной дорогой аэропорта, может пешком дойти до международного Выставочного центра (старого дома), сельскохозяйственного выставочного павильона и посольского района, от аэропорта быстро, от восточного транспортного узла пешком всего 400 метров.рядом с отелем расположен торговый круг ласточки, рабочий стадион, павильон, визовый центр каменного дома, улица трийтон бар, Восточный серебряный седан, масло, злаки улица ит.д.торговые круги в районе восточных прямых ворот плотно упакованы, комплекс хорошо оснащен.номер чистый, уютный и комфортабельный, удобное расположение, удобное расположение в вашем коммерческом путешествии.
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Вопросы и ответы
  • Как далеко этот отель от Capital Airport Beijing?

    круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) 19km от аэропорта.

  • Предоставляет ли круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) услугу трансфера?

    Нет, в отеле нет службы трансфера.

  • Какое время заезда и выезда в круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин)?

    Время заезда: с 14:00, а время выезда: до 12:00 в круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин).

  • Есть ли в круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) бассейн и Занятия по фитнесу ?

    Нет, в отеле нет бассейна или тренажерного зала. Информацию о бассейне и тренажерный зал и других удобствах вы найдете на этой странице.

  • Eсть ли круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) ресторан?

    Да, вы можете поесть в отеле.

  • круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) Есть ли широкополосный доступ или Wi-Fi?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками стойки регистрации отеля для уточнения деталей.

  • круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) Вы принимаете предоплату?

    Примите, пожалуйста, отправьте ваш заказ, прежде чем связаться с нами.

  • круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин) Принимать оплату кредитной картой?

    Нет, отель не принимает кредитные карты.

  • Сколько стоит завтрак для круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин)?

    завтрак CNY35 / чел.

  • Сколько стоит проживаниe круглосуточная гостиница (Пекин)?

    Цены начинаются с CNY489, в зависимости от типа номера и даты.

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  • dragon_gxy
    Friend, friends reflects well
  • E01395302
    Location; 1000 meters from the subway station, but Beijing, I can accept facilities; Like bathroom and toilet separated; Towels are soft (generic chain-like Hotel towels were hard) lobby, inside the overall style of the room was very nice, unexpected (compared with hotel chains, of course) not enough; 1) there is a supermarket just around the 2) TV minimum volume is the noise in the room,Does not have to select mute 3) shower water plugging
  • douax0110
    From dongzhimen to the Airport Express line, go to the airport convenient
  • anniewangyu58
    Feel a bit old and special room sucks, live in and then upgrade to superior big bed. the gap between Shanghai and too big
  • nana_na
    Decorate an odor, harmful to health, around the remote, be careful walking alone at night, generally worse than the season average, but Beijing transportation more convenient season.
  • lry0416
    A bit hard to find, not far from yummy.
  • e01292282
    Location very good, although when we first started looking for not-so-obvious, but is near the dongzhimen subway station, go out the Airport Express Terminal and dongzhi gate terminal. where is very convenient, especially on a business trip, if you want to fly, and the only option, Airport Express to the airport in half an hour, and will not, at any point in traffic
  • E00605153
    First time gap is so big, a little disappointed, mainly depends on its accessibility,
  • e01108282
    That's good
  • sringosling
  • callmemendel
    Location good, from airport sat airport bus to East straight door station Hou Road opposite is. hotel facilities General, specials room in 8 floor, Elevator only to 6 floor also have himself go two layer stairs, compared prices does said not Shang has what highlights, probably is Teito hotel your's, this price in many city are can live four star has. only has a highlights is staying Shi directly brush consumption, check out of when without rounds, directly put room card put in front desk go on line has.
  • a408954100
    Decoration, many inconvenient. environmental health is also not good as before ... want can be renovated to improve
  • longwind1026
    Hotel location away from the fast track still has a certain distance, dragging the box kinda far to walk ... not many places to eat around, to go part of the way.
  • aifailin
    From the old country fair 2.6 km, underground station 500 meters, very convenient, especially for breakfast very good.
  • DAGE0331
    This shop is good Hey, service quite have good, service personnel laugh have is sweet, talk is thoughtful, do procedures also is quick, room of health or good of, is clean, clean, clean health of sister also is good Hey, also active help I carrying luggage, began selected this also is because location good, away from I to of place near, away from Metro also near, convenient, network also soon, speed is good, breakfast also good Oh, than other of hotel better many of, this out is satisfaction, yihou has opportunities toAnd to put in the shop.
  • e00932892
    Find locations, go under renovation!
  • lyronni
    All right
  • jexgm
    The room was quiet, from the dongzhimen Airport Express Rail 15 minutes away, it's not convenient. good choice, was recently renovated.
  • rongfa2000
    Hotel location very better, distance Metro station is near, also has bus hub station is convenient, here and I company also is near, daily are is convenience. hotel decoration of is atmosphere, is warm, lobby has free of self business district, free of now mill coffee will is incense, is good, is pleasant. business district and breakfast Office next to, restaurant also is beautiful, and breakfast is good, varieties many, match is good, eat up is delicious. room is big, bed also is big, facilities is new, aunt clean of also is dryNET, very detailed and very friendly. front desk very well, the business very well, very professional, no deposit, very convenient, because there is a message, left to a quiet room at the front desk, very helpful. for travel, and at the hotel, recommended.
  • paulding1982
    When in the decoration
  • jieall
  • moumou
    No difference between feeling and hanting, facilities are very general, and bathrooms really want to ridicule the nozzle, as shown in the figure, there is so much space, open water, sprayed on the opposite wall, with mixer shower only! and this hair dryer, is not an ordinary knock gritty ugly ... Bathroom no mat, no plastic slippers, can only stand barefoot on the cold ground ... Located on the ground floor there is the Hall, walked down the steps and for a lot of luggage for those who are notConvenient, no one helps you to carry. breakfast is really General, eggs are not fresh ... Generally not recommended ...
  • abaoorange
    Hanting Seasons Hotel for the first time can feel than shortcut will increase, the location of the hotel is also more convenient, will stay again!
  • JR_tutu
    Price/performance is not high
  • Guess~
    Good location, convenient, very clean, near from the Airport Express.
  • luoluo1115
    Which is very nice
  • JASMINE0306
    During your stay in renovated a bit inconvenient room a bit stuffy
  • alf608
    Forced to join the membership card... dirty rooms, bad food.
  • Amtree
    Really good, just a bit much. but really clean environment and good
  • e00032236
    First said said service, really of think very good, because flights late plus on Beijing of not familiar, originally is set Yu 5 o'clock in the afternoon around to hotel, then contact hotel Hou to I extended to has 7 points, and no charged I any of deposit. then say said location, away from Metro station very of near, out has Metro to East go 200 meters to left on to has, Metro next also has bus station is said to have to Houhai, South drums Xiang a trip car direct, if wants to to all attractions play isConvenient of place, price and compared right of, recommends on selected here, here regardless of from appearance environment, also is room facilities are very good, most at least whole building floor are is hotel of, inside also has parking. has elevator, is convenient. room see with comfortable spacious, health very clean, daily are was clean, put 'Please that clean' of brand hanging in door outside, on will was to cleanup health has. hotel of breakfast is rich delicious, varieties many, wireless network soon, signal is good, anywayWas satisfied with this hotel and will come again!
  • e00947452
    Too bad! stay for a few days is not clear?
  • deanjin
    Feel is General, is said to have according to full quarter hotel of standard decoration, but facilities are compared old has, health General, price high. specials room is half basement, if requirements compared high of words may cannot reached you of requirements. location than better, do airport fast line and Metro very of convenient, distance GUI Street also is near. because location of relationship also is to has recommended, if to to airport words OK, 40 minutes on can to
  • c_j1971
    Not far from the dongzhimen B,E exported, in front of bus terminal, travel and arrival are very convenient, near a shopping mall and yummy, one-stop shopping and entertainment. Hotel and service were very good, highly recommended, so overall, worth the price.
  • bjcym110
    Convenient and clean place to live if you want to go to
  • duanbindota
    Very good experience, let me have a good rest mattress, room wireless network fine, warm and thoughtful reception, breakfast variety, is rich in nutrition recommend staying!
  • clarissa_1980
    Very general, may be high, he was a bit disappointed
  • carolinedongyan
    Hotel and superior of location, convenience of traffic, airport fast line and airport high-speed export and entrance recently of full quarter hotel, is business and travel preferred, hotel perfect of facilities, dinner and shopping is convenient, reasonable of price, decoration is has grade, service is first-class of good, fast of network, enthusiasm of aunt, clean of room is clean, is timely, items placed is neatly, front desk of service is enthusiasm, breakfast is good, varieties complete, has fruit and yogurt, also has most loveCoffee tastes good, like, recommend staying!
  • eddiewsc2002
    Very clean nice rooms very comfortable
  • Daisylee8786
    Very good ...
  • joelwei
    In General!
  • lieren1984
    Clean, tidy, good location
  • winust
    Overall pretty good, is a little hard to find, next time will consider to continue staying in!
  • Bibi121
    Beijing, the price is affordable
  • AlanJiang09
    Room had cockroaches, two!~ so cold!~~
  • e00183939
    Price is high, like this shop of decoration style, is atmosphere, room health is clean, facilities are is new, layout of is warm. front desk service is good, handle staying soon, business is professional, introduced of is detailed. room spacious, health is clean is good, space very big is good, lighting very good, design very good, room warm is good, noise good, room also has free mineral water sent is good, very good, lobby has free coffee good, too good has is is like, WIFI full floor cover good, signal very good, too good has, breakfast good, big delicious good, hot also is good, water volume big is good, is comfortable is good, temperature for is good, air conditioning special good, Metro, bus very good, traffic very convenience is good, taxi also is convenient good, rooms sister are special enthusiasm good, clean of room special clean good, front desk service is enthusiasm very good, access are has regards of voice good, home away from home of feel good, really of is has home of feel, full quarter ofService is particularly good, especially, refer-a-friend is staying is really good, very nice hotels, like, very warm good health is very clean, very good, very good
  • bicbiwdc
    Very good hotel, away from dongzhimen subway special close, convenient, and playing to the Lama Temple, Metro station, hotel services warm and eat Hotel Green effect, very good!
  • Andriy
  • ertretg
    Good location, Metro station to walk ten minutes, it was very good
  • e00210348
    The room's too small, and other good
  • e00282213
    On slower connections, traffic is good